Hartland Abbey & Gardens (United Kingdom)


The perfect place for a relaxing vacation where you can tour around beautiful gardens and where you can relive the old country times, this is Hartland Abbey & Gardens. For many visitors, the place is sure to give a warm welcome especially during the latter part of the month of March until October. Just spending a day in this place is sure to become one of the most perfect days in your life and it is mainly because of its natural outstanding beauty.

Hartland Abbey is popularly known as a fascinating and impressively architecture houses that give every visitor a welcoming feel. This is true as everyone who visits the houses would feel how the home is cherished because of the memorabilia and all treasures collected for many generations.

The ever stunning Walled and Woodland gardens built in 18th century; its parkland and walks give visitors extensive grounds where they wander with their friends until they walk past the valley that leads to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Children coming along with their parents are sure to appreciate the freedom of exploring all the open spaces and the winding paths enough to experience how fun it is to stay in a natural environment. People who visit the place love meeting the donkeys in Hartland Abbey & Gardens like Snowdrop, Nutmeg and Becky. Also, visitors like wandering with peacocks, and also, the flock of the black sheep can be found in the gardens. There is also this “The Quiz” that is sure to be the great way of keeping the children entertained even indoors when it is raining.

Hartland Abbey & Gardens: Its Impressive and Rich History


Hartland Abbey was built as a monastery in the 12th century and it has survived longer than other structures in UK. Henry VIII gave the Abbey as a gift for his keeper in his wine cellar in 1539, and it has been the family home of his descendants since then. In the entire North Devon, the Abbey is considered as one of the most important historical ancestral homes. This is true as it contains much national interest from its architecture to the decorations that shows the rich influence from the medieval times until the Victorian period.

There are many things that can be done when Hartland Abbey & Gardens is visited. You can try going through different paths just around the estate and be able to build a good appetite as you and your friends grab a light lunch or even enjoy a great tea time at The Old Kitchens. Enjoying a picnic in any of the benches located in the corners of the garden is definitely possible as the place is a perfect sanctuary for those who love such activities.

Aside from regular visits or vacations, Hartland Abbey & Gardens can also be used as a memorable venue for special events like weddings as it gives a melodramatic feel for such occasions. Truly, this is one of the historical places in UK that anyone should not dare missing to visit. Read more at their official website.