Popular Farmers Market in UK

A farmer’s market is the term given to the venue wherein the local producers of food and local farmers sell their products directly to customers. All goods sold in this place are freshly harvested, organic, healthy, nutritious and cheap. Most people are now getting hyper in picking and enjoying these local goods. Most commonly, these goods include fresh eggs, meat, vegetables, fruits, cakes and breads, fruit juices, dairy products, jams and pickles.

Farmers’ markets are trending anywhere in the world.  You want to know why? Because people nowadays are becoming more aware and conscious of what they are eating. They want to move towards healthy eating, living and spending, that is why they shift going to such farmers market instead of the grocery stores.

In UK, for instance, most British are now opting for farmers market. In fact, there are popular farmers markets there in which people come and visit just to shop for fresh and cheap goods. If you want to know some of the most popular farmers market in UK today, here are they:

  1. Stroud Farmers Market. Located in Gloucestershire, this market has been significantly commended by most UK publications, bringing home a lot of awards and becoming 1 of the most talked about markets all across UK, for a good reason.  Open during Saturdays, between nine in the morning up to two in the afternoon all through the year, even during the winter season, this market holds 60 stalls that offer various wholesale and deliciously produced goods, you will never believe they were produced locally by their suppliers. Every last weekend per month, the Threadneedle Flea Market participates in the scene and provides the shoppers with excellent variety of stylized furniture and garden accessories that are worth browsing for.
  2. Bath Farmers Market. Located at Somerset, this market was the first of its kind in UK. Starting out as a monthly initiative in order to make something good for the entire community, the market has transformed into a notable affair which is enjoyed by the crowd of visitors and locals each week. From freshly meat to cheeses, seasoned veggies and fruits, cakes, pastries and homemade preserves, the market will always have something to satisfy your taste buds. It is the pledge of the market to provide fairness and quality all year round. Shopping here will never hurt your wallet. Instead, it will offer fresh, seasonally produce at fair prices. Goods are directly sold by the producer of the goods himself.
  3. Moseley Farmers Market. Situated in Birmingham, this is another big market that has been rewarded by various award giving bodies. One of the most significant awards which the market has received and claimed was the 2012 FARMA Best Market. Committed to serving and making the community take advantage of them, the market is open for shoppers every 4th Saturday of the month. It has more than 50 stalls and it caters a wide assortment of locally produced and grown goods that are notable for being both tasty and healthy for everyone.  All extras produced by this market are reinvested into the community as a promise to keep with its primary aim of adding new shopping experience for visitors and locals.