me and my friend clarkMy name is Owen Patel, 59 years of age. I’m the man who has overall interest in home and garden, local home grown food, abbeys and arts in United Kingdom. Based in Hartland, United Kingdom, always updated with the mentioned subjects above. I’m never outdated to what is new and trendy in the entire UK. I adore UK very much and I always share it in my blog, every single thing that is new and fresh about the topics above.

In terms local home grown foods, I personally visit “every street” of UK and see what the local suppliers can freshly offer to their patrons. As UK is increasingly becoming popular in terms of farmers market, I look for the most visited farmers market in the country and share it in my blog. I’m very passionate about traveling and documenting new local trends with regard to home and goods not just for those people living in UK but all over the world, get an idea of what is the trendy and popular in UK as of the moment. As you know, the world of today is a fast pacing cycle. Every tick of a clock, there is something new that we should look after for. If you do not follow the trend, you are isolated and you cannot connect with what many are talking.

Aside from searching for what are trendy in the local market in UK, I’m as well into home interior and design. I love to see houses with unique characteristics. It has always been a pleasure to me whenever I’m given the chance to visit and get inside the homes in which I’m interested in viewing the interior. Though I do not have a degree in interior design, I have gathered and learned a lot of ideas from simply looking at the houses. By their garden, it is easy to predict if a home is indeed beautiful and worth looking inside. Once I see something good, I get new ideas from houses and gardens, I share it to everyone else.

According to many, I’m a home enthusiast. A home enthusiast is someone who loves to stay and spend his time at a home center or a lumber yard. If I’m regarded as a home enthusiast, I appreciates and happy about the fact.  Though I’m not claiming to be a professional in the field of interior designing, I have a lot to share on how to improve the home. Irrespective if a home is small or large, I’m challenged to share my insights and ideas on how people can improve it. From inspiring them why they should use good colors and the right furniture inside the home, to why planting new plants such as native grasses and asters into your garden can improve not only your home but your overall health, I look forward by many.

I believe my adoration to arts and the rich history of UK has influenced me to become as devoted and loving to his country. If you want to know what makes me busy at this time, keep reading my blog!